Hello ! Marion here,

I am a Graphic designer based in London, passionate about editorial design and everything that comes along with it. The "R" is for my (unpronounceable) surname "Rouayroux", but since I live in London, my friends just call me Rourou.

I currently work at Citywire Financial Publishers, I am in charge of the art direction of a number of magazines for international audiences and the design of events taking place in exciting cities around the world. On a day to day basis you can fine me working on illustrations, the layout of a magazine, infographics or brainstorming for the design of a new event coming up...

On a more personal note, I like a lot of random things, from Beyonce to Queen, killer whales, going to the cinema, eating nachos (those last two things go usually well together), planning my next travels, collecting postcards and taking polaroid pictures.